They grow up quickly

When you have a kid with something like Autism you do a barrage of tests. You end up with pages of test results, reports and statistics. You know everything about them. For example I know my sons IQ, reading age, mental age, I know what his strength are on paper and what he isn’t so great at. I know where he is academically.

Our son isn’t just stats on a report. He is also an 8yo boy. Hunter likes slime videos on YouTube, Minecraft and his sister annoys him. He hates showering and he really doesn’t like soup. Hunter won’t brush his teeth without threats of no YouTube and will stay in the same clothes for a week.

What’s hard is marrying the two concepts. Knowing when to help and when to hang back. Knowing his communication isn’t great and wanting to step in and help. However I know he has to figure stuff out for himself. I know he has the same sense of adventure as every 8yo boy but he also has ‘rules’. That’s why when he decided to take on his first trip away with extended family I instantly turned into a bundle of anxiety.

I know he will be fine. Hunter will be living his best damn life for the next week and will sit around his first bonfire. I also know as his Mum I can’t hold onto him forever. He needs to get out and figure out how to be in the world. He needs to become a bit more independent. I can’t help being protective though.

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