Tarot n Stuff

So a couple of times I have mentioned that I read tarot, and I’ve even posted a few of my spreads on Instagram. Now to most people tarot cards are just cards laid out in a pattern with pictures on them. How and why you get meaning from those pictures and lay out is not immediately apparent and seem made up. However, once you kinda know what you’re looking at it’s not so wierd.

I work with a A.E Waite deck. It’s one of the old school ‘standard’ deck most people are used to seeing. The people in the pictures are dressed ye olde fashiony . It isn’t very modern at all and can be hard to relate to.

Mostly tarot is about how you interpret the cards. I go by what I know about each suit/card, what I see in the pictures, a bit of a vibe I get off the card and LASTLY what a book tells me if I’m stumped. The book comes last which means I’m a bit more of an intuitive reader. I go by my gut a lot. Same with my spreads (how you lay out the cards) they normally go by how many I think I need based on the question. Big question more cards. Little question less cards.

So what’s in a deck?

At a base level you have 78 cards. Minor arcana is 4 suits of cards ace to king and that’s the day to day shit in your life. Each suit has an element – Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and no, no heart. We aren’t invoking Captain Planet. I find that knowing which element teams up with what suit helps me remember what’s going on.

The rest of the 20 odd cards are the Major Arcana. They’re the one name celebrities of the deck, the Cher, Meryl, Brad, Ru, Oprah, Beyoncé . Big messages. You get a lot from the pictures and I find they ‘shout’ a lot louder so in a lot of ways it’s easier to read them. You can also read any card up the right way or upside down depending on how it comes out. Upside down isn’t always bad but it’s another spin on the reading.

Why am I telling you this? Mostly because I want to start sharing my tarot shenanigans. If I give a base run down on what’s in a deck it’s a lot easier. I’m also still learning a lot myself so by sharing it helps me. Everyone learning new shenanigans together!

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