Sometimes there is no reason.

This week has sucked balls. I mean really really been a bad week. We got some bad news then our daughter partially mangled her hand by getting it caught in an elevator door THEN I got a cold then there was shenanigans over how our daughters hand was treated, then it was crazy busy at work. One after another and while some of these things don’t seem big they add to the pile of shit to be just one more irritating thing.

When you have bullshit days you always want to find a reason. You look for everything from karma, how much sleep you’ve had, who you’ve pissed off and wondering if you somehow ran over a nun. You start cursing random things (I got the shits with Aoli last week) and the fact a bunch of random bad thing happened at once is too much for our brains to cope with. Especially when its particularly horrible. You have that sliding doors moment and go through all the things that happen trying to find out where you could have done something different to make the bad thing not happen. Nine out of ten times there is fuck all you could of done because you’re not clairvoyant or in possession of a TARDIS.

So you’re having the week from hell and you know you’re stuck in the suck due to a bunch of random things happening at once. What do you hotshot? What do you do? You have two choices. My favorite way is embracing the suck. Coming to terms with the fact you’re having a shitful week and not fighting it. Letting the badness flow knowing that’s it’s going to stop eventually and if more bad stuff happens laugh because well shit eh its the week for it. The other choice you have is look for the positives like the fact you have a house, a job and people that love you. Now that works if you’re at the start of a bad week and you’re not all the way in the suck. Naturally happy people seem to gravitate to this but cynical bastards like myself tend to ike the first option. You could also so things you enjoy to eleviate the suckage especially if you’re having a week that would make a good country song. A green bath bomb, sparkly pen or binge watching Taboo (seriously do it. You wont regret it) might just be the thing that gets you through.

I’m slowly coming out of the suck so I’m starting to see the good thing happening and think more postiive things. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know it’s not a train. Just remember it’s ok for things to suck and it’s unnatural for nothing to go wrong ever, just don’t unpack an live in the suck forever.

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