..I meditated

So many many years ago before I had the kids or met my husband I taught myself to meditate. I couldnt do it for long but I was giving it a red hot go. More recently I’ve looked into meditating again to stop my crazy ass brain from being crazy ass and I gave it another shot.

I figured I had to ease in so I downloaded an app called Headspace thats got guided meditations. Just a guy with a British accent calmly talking to you. It was really good and was only five minutes long. All the voice did was tell you to focus on your breath and relax your body. Afterward I felt calm and refreshed.

Next I tried meditating in the bath. Now I can hear you wondering why in the hell I’m in the bath meditating. Firstly I like the bath and find it relaxing so I’m giving it a jump start. Second if I shut the door and have a soak no one comes in. Guaranteed time. So, I tried mediating in the bath. I go all warm and put some baths salts in and I just sort of sank down into the water. Just breathing in and out focusing on the smells of the water it wasn’t hard to slip into that same relaxed state as the guided meditations.

So overall meditation was a resounding success. There are other forms of meditation like work meditation and mantra type things I’d like to have a go at later. However with the meditation I tried this time I felt calm, relaxed and considering the health benefits it’s been shown to give I think totally worth the practise.

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