Let me be your ruler

What do we know about Tarot so far?  78 cards which is made up of the Major and Minor Arcana. Then there are 4 suits wands, pentacles, swords and cups which all link up to an element and have specific areas they look over e.g. Water is the flow of emotions.

Now, each suit has court cards. Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages. These all have an effect on your reading. Now lots of books would say these directly relate to people in your reading but I’m not so rigid. I think the court cards could be you, they could be a person or group of people in your life. They could be a situation too that covers the feeling that these cards are giving you. For example I did a reading about a relationship recently and the Queen of Swords kept popping up. She’s no bullshit. This queen has her shit together, sassy and has it all out there. Now this might not necissarily be linked to one person in the reading and it could quite have easily done so as one partner is very much like that. However I took the Queen as a whole set of properties in the relationship and it gave me a far fuller and deeper read. I also don’t believe that Queens must be women and Kings men. It’s whomever identifies with that character.

Now to the players

The King is like the dad of the bunch. He’s mature, he’s been around and knows some stuff. He brings stablility and has his shit together. He’s the guy that’s gonna make sure you have your petrol money and have stern words with the boy that broke your heart. Traditionally it represents older people but it could just be that Dad friend you have or the person at work that looks out for you. He’s bringing the stability and adulting to a situation. Kings are gonna see it through until the end.

Imagine the Queen as the Mum of the group. Again she’s been around and she’s gonna make sure you have your lunch and a warm pair of socks. Wether it be actual nourishment for your body, your soul, your ideas or relationships the queen is gonna come through. She’s also about embracing the feminine.

The Knights are like kind of like when you’re finding your way a few years after high school. They’ve learnt a bit but they’re still quite green. They know your can’t party hard every night but still drink until 4am and waste a whole Sunday hungover. Knights are all gung ho and can look before they leap. You have to weigh up both sides of what’s going on in the situation before charging ahead. They want to be in the middle of the next big thing.

Have you seen Rock of Ages? Well if you havent (I dont blame you it’s horrendous and I love it and I’m not even sorry) it’s about to get wierd. Well the Page is pretty much Sherri. Small town girl leavin home to chase her dreams in the big city. She’s the start of something new, exciting and full of possibilites and oppertunities. Don’t stop believin’ because the Page wants you to get amongst it.

So let’s put that together and read the Queen of Pentacles. Now we know Queens are the Mum so she’s going to look out for you and be nurturing and guiding. We know Pentacles are about stuff that keeps you grounded so she’s going to tell you to take stock of your finances and work situation and just give it a bit of love. Maybe check in on a family relationships that might need a boost. If you look at the picture in the Rider Waite deck she’s sitting on a throne, holding a Pentacle on her lap surrounded by plants and there are bunnies at her feet. So maybe just be a bit loving and gracious when you sort it all out. Go easy.

Congratualtions you just read your first tarot card.

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