…..I took a Star Wars pen to work

I am known at work for having cool pens. Sparkly, shaped, coloured, all kinds of fun stationary. I bought 2 pens both with glittery snow globe sections recently and they both broke within 24 hours. I dropped them and the pen part kept retracting inside the pen housing. Even with all my efforts they both shit themselves. So I just grabbed the first pen on top of the fridge.

The pen I grabbed couldn’t have been any more fun if it tried. The pen was a Star Wars one given to our son at Christmas. The pen top twists out which is no biggie. If you press the back though it plays the classic Star Wars scrolling credits music.

So I take the pen to work and showed people. I have never seen so many adults laugh and giggle. The supervisors all thought it was amazing and laughed. My co workers all loved it. Who knew a pen could make people’s day? Not only that since not taking it I’ve had half a dozen people asks me where it is. Why I don’t have it and when I’m going to bring it back. One little pen. So much joy.

I’m pretty sure the pen will make an appearance again

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