Haters gonna hate hate hate

This week has been shit and it’s only Wednesday. I know I say this a lot but it truely has. Our cars steering column electrics needs fixing. Apparently I’ve been overpaid by various agencies and need to pay money back. after a trip to our sons psych our daughter is now 95% likely to be on spectrum and we have to now do all the testing that goes with that to determine to what extent.

I honestly want to kick things. Yell, scream, rage and hate. All things that serve absolutely NO function…..or do they.

There is this idea out there that rage is bad. You shouldn’t hate. We should forgive and love each other, universal love blah blah fuckity blah. Now I’ve written posts about letting it go and I do believe in the universal energy and karma. Never once have I ever said you shouldn’t get pissed off and hate stuff. I wouldn’t say that cause I hate HEAPS of shit.

Ok, so the deal with hating shit is a) what you hate b) what you do with that hate

So the stuff you hate. What do you hate? Well like I said I hate lots of shit. For example I hate when everything goes wrong at once, like what happened Monday. When it’s not even related stuff and you’re being pulled in 40 different directions, all important, and you have to work out which one to do first. It’s ok to be pissed at that. It’s not a good feeling. I’m allowed to hate having to pay back money to a variety of places because of things I couldn’t control as these sort of things fuck with your money and it has a knock on effect for other shit. You hate what they did to Doctor Who because the new Doctor is a woman. Great. Hate away because you can.

You’ll notice I’m avoiding larger concepts like racism. This is because I do not feel qualified to properly speak about these things in any educator type capacity. It’s very ok to hate racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of fuckery though. Super ok. It’s also super ok to speak out against said fuckery however as I said since I’m not authority on educating around this stuff I’m not even going to give a half ass attempt. There are great people out there who can and Google is your friend.

So you hate things. Awesome. Now what do you do? Are you going to let this hate consume you? Say you do hate the new Doctor being a woman. Are you going to get on every forum on every social media platform and scream at a bunch of strangers about said hate? If yes, mate you have subscriptions not issues. You might need to look at why you hate something that damn much. Are you going to get on said forum and go ‘well I’m not ok with this but that’s ok because #diversity’, perhaps intelligently discuss things (storming off a thread, calling people names or ignoring what they said isnt intelligent discourse btw) or even keep said opinion to yourself and go about your day? Yes? Awesome welcome to an ok level of hate or even dislike since many people don’t like the word hate.

I think if you don’t express a healthy dislike for stuff it’s a bad thing. You keep everything bottled up and as we all know when you do that it will explode later. Don’t be time bomb and don’t be an asshole.

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