Indie Spiritualist

Indie Spiritualist – Chris Grosso

This is not the book review I was looking forward to writing.

So I read this book shortly after reading Scar Tissue which is a damn fine and an emotional read. I was hoping for something that was going to get some calm after that storm.

Ah no.

What I got was what seemed like a collection of random blog posts. That’s cool but it didn’t seem like a cohesive book. I couldn’t get the overall theme. There was a lot about Grossos background of addiction and love of rock music but I found it short on the spirituality bit and any link to it was tenuous. The one peice I was looking super forward to was a piece linking a Van Halen concert to pure Nirvana bliss but I was horribly disappointed. I got nothing out of it. There was no hit home message. I learned nothing reading the book and I felt none the better for it. The whole thing rubbed me the wrong way.

It was all no. Just no and upon researching the author a bit more I’m apparently the only person on earth who DOESNT like his books. There is a list of celebrity endorsers but this book was not for me. It bugs the shit out of me too because I wanted to so desperately like it. I don’t know what else to say other than I just don’t like it.

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