Why don’t you leave your name and your number….

Ok, so thus far we have gotten through a basic overview of the Tarot, it’s suits and the court cards. We know what suits are linked to what things and we jumped into the Minor Arcana. In the minors we look at what each court card does. We also read our first card so let’s give it up for the Queen of Pentacles!!

This brings us to the rest of the Minors –  the numbers. The numbered cards run ace to 10 in each suit. Each number looks at a different aspect of what can go on day to day and be read then in association with the suit and the pictures.

Aces – Let’s start at the very beginning because it’s a very good place to start. Aces are about beginnings. It’s the start of things or maybe even a new chapter of or angle on something. Again look at the card and the pictures. I love the Ace of Pentacles because I always notice the mountains in the background and the archway. To me it’s a gateway to new adventures.

Two – Do I have the fish or the chicken? Straight up twos are about choice and balance. Unlike the Lovers card (it’s a Major we’ll get there soon. Hold your horses) there is no right or wrong but you’re going to have to choose. Maybe you need to bring balance to your life and look at how you do that.

Three – Gooooaaaal! Threes are about looking towards your goals and achieving things. You’re on the path, you’re doing your thing and you can see it starting to take shape. Look at the cards either side for a sense of how that’s going for you. Don’t freak if this card reads reversed. You’re not fucked, it just means you might be off track (not always bad) or not where you thought (again not bad).

[insert record screech] What?! Reverse I hear you say. Yeah, so you can read the cards reversed….or not. I know there are people who don’t but I do. It’s not necessarily bad it just mean you might have to reassess or look at the situation from a different angle. Don’t worry we’ll get to more of that in a later post. Just know it’s not always bad.


Four – These cards are the war room. Structure, foundation, planning and organisation. It’s the group chat planning what’s going on at Christmas and who is bringing what. Get sorted.

Five – This is the squishy bit in the middle where everything can go a bit pear shaped. Fives can show that there is a bit of friction or a bit of a setback. It could also mean you need to relax and expand your view and be patient. Stuck losing that last couple of kilos and you’re frustrated as hell? That’s your 5 right there.

Six – Imagine Bob Geldof but less angry (that’s sorta Bono right?!). Six is about sharing with and interacting with people. It’s about the journey you’re on and who’s on it with you. Communicate where you’re at with them and celebrate how far you’ve come. Being socially aware sneaks in here (hence the Bono/Bob Geldof thing).

Seven –  Ever get 3/4 of the way through a project and stand back and have a squizz? (Me, right now, most of the way through this leaning on my washing pile). That’s your 7. Look at what’s going on, what you’ve learnt, and how’s it progressing. Is there something low key shady happening? Gotta change stuff? This is your cue.

Eight – Jump! Go head and jump! This is the time for action. You’re so close to achieving your goals. This is also the chance for you to do a Madonna and totally reinvent yourself. Hop to it, get over those last few hurdles and trust yourself. You got this!!

Nine –  You have arri-ved. You’re achieving the things you want to and kicking ass. Enjoy the shit out of your achievements. Don’t get crazy critical, play the shoulda woulda coulda in your (hello 9 of swords I’m looking at you!!) and second guess yourself.

Ten –  This is the end my friend. You’re done, there is balance to The Force. You can move onto other things and don’t need to worry. You can move onto the next thing.

Now this post is so damn long I won’t put together a card read. Your brain is probably mush and full right now because mine is writing this (I did this over several hours in one shot). What I will encourage you to do is pull a Minor if you have a deck and check it out or get on the Googles if you don’t and search a number card of a suit and have a look. Check out the suit, the pictures and THEN the number. See how you feel.

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