….I watched Gnomeo and Juliet

So I recorded Gnomeo and Juliet during Foxtel (subscription TV service) having a dedicated cartoon movie channel for the school holidays. So, after a bullshit week I decided to break it out and have a look.

As you can expect the story is about garden gnomes and it’s based on Romeo and Juliet sort of. What I didn’t expect was the whole soundtrack to be Elton John which was bad ass as were the Elton inspired Gnomes who sang the songs. It’s a British movie so you get all the voices you expect Maggie Smith, Emily Blunt, Micheal Caine and even Sir Pat Stew gets a look in. Hell Jason Statham is in there too.

The story rolls along how you’d expect with star crossed lovers and such. Then there is lawn mower races, a flamingo without a partner and what appears to be at least 2 character deaths. Calamity ensues, Gnomeo gets the girl, peace is made. It’s pretty predictable with enough pop culture references to be funny. It all makes for a good time.

Would I watch it again? Yeah, if it was the telly but I wouldn’t buy it. I’m not sure if the kids would like it even though the youngest loves movies with music. Am I excited to see the sequel Sherlock Gnomes? Heck yes.

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