I don’t know how to put this, I’m kind of a big deal

So, this post is going to end up in 2 peices because it’s big. This week we’re jumping into the Major Arcana. These are the big daddy life lessons you have going on. I’ll explain what the card is about and I’ll try and give you a celebrity I think matches well with the card. I find it helps me to give a frame of reference if I get stuck.


The fool is a dreamer on he start of a new adventure. Looking forward to all the possibilities and taking that first leap. Believe in your dreams and go for it in a smart way. Reversed however it’s all about reckless abandon and hairy situations. It sort of reminds me of Jack Black in any movie you see him in.


The magician pools his resources to achieve his desires. Both physical and spiritually he draws on what’s around him. It’s a can do attitude and conscious decision to work toward a goal especially if it’s creative. Reversed though it shows poor communication and manipulation to get what you want. Think Bono organising fundraising for charities overseas. For the reverse think Bob Geldof and Live Aide if you believe the stories.

High priestess

This is one of my favorite majors. She’s about intuition and trusting yourself. Listening to your inner voice and unconscious self. Reversed it’s ignoring your inner voice and intuition. If this card was a celebrity it’d be Oprah. She’s got a YouTube series called Super Soul Sunday for crying out loud!


Here’s the ultimate feminine card. It about feminine energy, fertility and birth. Even if it’s not the physical act of birth it’s bringing something new into being/existence. It’s creativity and nurturing. Reversed we see putting yourself in second place or smothering people to the point it’s detrimental to everyone involved. Think Beyoncé and not only the fact she’s an actual mother, but she’s always creating new things.


He’s the Ying to the Empresses Yang. It’s a stable influence in your life. This guy follows through and is all about logic and thinking (remember Empress is all the feels and he’s her mate). He can show recognition and needing to impess important people who will help you succeed. It can also represent government agencies. Reversed it’s my way or the highway. This to me is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s been there, done that, he’s the guy that will show up to work and is guaranteed to bring in dollars. He’s also the governator.


Uncovering truths and working within an established system. It indicates the need to work within the rules and follow guidelines. Reversed we’re looking at a rebellious nature or feeling confined. This straight reminds me of Robert Downey Jnr. In all the blockbusters under the studio systems but has a tendency to do what he wants.


Love, beauty and partnerships. There is a choice to make that definitely has a right and wrong answer that will influence what’s happening. Lovers also looks at relationships and things of that nature and not just romantic ones! It also shows people growing into their values and having to make choices based on morals. Reversed it’s runnings away from responsibilities and values being out of alignment. This makes me think of Angelina Jolie and how over time she’s grown into a UN ambassador for various projects. What’s been documented of her younger, wilder days you can’t say the rest of it doesn’t apply.


Charge!! The chariot is about pushing forward and going for gold. Take that trip. Chase that dream and know you’re going to achieve just don’t be too aggressive! Reversed is like a rouge garden hose. Spraying everywhere with no control or direction. Kanye West I’m looking at you. At his best he is confident and doing all the things kicking goals but then we’ve also seen him be king of the untamed rant.


Soothing and taming the wild beast. Having kindness and compassion. It’s not loud aggressive strength it’s the quiet internal courage and patience to just keep going. Freddy Mercury springs to mind. Quietly spoken, super creative, very rarely do you see him sledge people in old interviews. He also quietly carries on. Even sick he still recorded and sung pushing on.


It’s about being alone and searching your soul. Looking for things that resonate with you and guidance from within. It’s turning your back on all the external noise and pointless things and going deep. The bad side of this would be isolating yourself and the loneliness that comes with it. Cutting yourself off from the outside world. This card would be Keanu Reeves.

Wheel of Fortune

This is swings and roundabouts. As much as things are out of your control they are in your control. Look at what’s coming and going in your life as well as who’s bringing it. Don’t fall victim to resisting change or external influences on your life. For better or worse this is the Kardashian Krew. They’re on TV and most of their popularity and influence depends on the general public. Time and again they’ve copped back lash and been on top again.

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