Foxtel App

Disclaimer: this is not a paid review. I’m a tiny blog and Foxtel is giant. They wouldn’t give 2 shits what I say or pay me to write anything.

So we’ve had Foxtel (pay TV) for years now and been pretty happy. It has British Bake Off, Game of Thrones, Forged in Fire and the footy. What else can a girl want? Anyway since I’ve had an iPhone I’ve had the Foxtel and Foxtel Kids app. You can record any show to your IQ box (pay TV box with a hard drive connected to the net) and watch shows through the app either using wifi or your mobile data.

Holy snapping duckshit it’s saved my life. Most recently our daughter mangled her hand in a lift door (long and bloody story). We got stuck in a hospital emergency room for several hours. I remember an hour or 2 in that I had the app. A quick search and our daughter has stopped being so restless and we’re watching Moana. She’s saying her favorite lines and starting to sing.

Other times it’s helped when we’ve had a long day of running around and popping in a favorite cartoon has helped us get through it all. It’s also allowed me to watch a good amount of garbage reality TV without being ridiculed.

We also have the app on our Samsung tablet so if the kids are fighting over the TV we can sort it out without a fuss.

It’s worth having simply for those emergencies where you’re stuck waiting for hours if nothing else.

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