Moccona Coffee Pods

Many years ago for our first wedding anniversay Adam bought me a Nespresso coffee machine. It was amazing and I love Nespresso coffee however there is only one draw back. There is no Nespresso store in Newcastle  which means all pods have to be ordered online in lots of 50. Now there was a pop up store in Westfield Kotara maybe 10-15 mins from home for a while which was amazing but that’s gone. So, now I’m branching out and trying al manner of Nespresso compatable pods to top up my stach from time to time until I can get a whole order in.

A while ago I tried Baileys pods  were fucking amazing. I mean actually unbelieveable. This time I was cruising around Woolworths after work an I found some Nespresso compatable pods from Moccona. As a side note I always seem to find this shit at Woolies after work when I’m picking up something else and I don’t know HOW it happens.

So anywho. These pods are Lungo pods in intesnity 6 which pretty much means they’re designed for long pour shots of coffee and they’re pretty mild. Now for anyone who speaks Nespresso my favorite pod in Arpeggio with an intensity of 8. I pull it as a long shot because I’m an asshole and according to the people at the Nespresso I ruin the shot. Meh, tastes good to me but then again I do like McDonalds coffee.

So anyways back to the pod. It’s pretty nice unlike the Republica pods I tried you don’t actually need sugar and they don’t taste like you’ve licked ashphalt. I uld quite happily keep buying them and at $6.50 for 10 (I got them on special for $4.00) it work out at 65c a pod which is really competitive with Nespresso and you’re not paying postage and handling on top of your order.

All in all well worth a look if you’re trying to branch out from under the Nespresso umbrella for something new.

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