Then there was 2

So a while ago I spoke about our son being on the Autism spectrum. For the most part he’s improving in lots of areas. He’s doing well at school, he took his first big trip away without my husand or I and he’s even starting to go to a kids boot camp which he loves although he’s not real great at it yet. It’s still 50/50 though so for every step forward there might be one or 2 back.

This then brings us to our daughter. So like a lot of things when you have one child with some sort of syndrome or ‘thing’ specialists and people in the know start to tell you to have all your children checked out. This is mostly so if you have multiple cases you can get everyone going and being treated at the same time. Now I’d spit balled the idea of having our daughter checked out with Hunters therapist a few times. She said if I wanted to I could bring River in on one of Hunter sessions for  a bit of a look. Now this isn’t a mate running their eye over your make up to see if your blended. This is a professional whos specialty is paediatric autism doing what they do every day so her ‘look over’ is gonna be fairly accurate.

Now the day I took River in was a complete fluke  because it was also the day the car broke and Ads was on the central coast with his Dad so River had to come with us. So her and Hunter were there for about half hour or so when his therapist said “So, do you wanna know what I think”. Turns out that from her observations River is on spectrum also and from what she can see will be more than likely the same level as Hunter (Level 2), and because her communication isn’t that great she’s what classed as non verbal. Now if I’m honest its an answer I was sort of expecting but to hear it from someone who knows what they’re doing is something else. We finished Hunters session and at the end we spoke about River, getting her tested and the fact she’ll need a lot of early intervention  therapies for speech and the like.

Now all the way home I felt a bit numb. Not because I was upset that both kids are ASD, it wasn’t that at all but because I can only imagine how hard the road is going to be for her.  How hard the beauracracy that goes with accessing funding can be. It also made me worry because as she gets older the world is confusing enough for teenage girls and this, this is just another level of shenanigans on top of that. Through all that though something did stand out. As we were leaving Hunters therapists office I said to him that River was just like him and had simmilar problems communicating and understanding. He looked at me and said ok then on the way home in the car I told him again, I said there was now someone else who got what it’s like to be him. He gave me the biggest smile and was over the moon when I said he can be someone River looks up to. He said “I can be her hero?” and I said yes mate.

Everything is gonna be alright.

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