I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany

Sticking with the Rob Burgundy theme here we are at part 2 of the Major Arcana. Let’s dive right in. Now again, because this is a long ass post I’m going to not do a card read I’m just going to say bring up the image of some Majors and have a look at them. Look at the pictures and see how you feel.

Justice – It’s easy to play by the rules when everyone knows what they are right? This card is telling you to make sure everyone is on he same page and knows that any decisions made now have consequences later. It also brings up any impending legal matters and things that need to be dealt with in a fair manner. My mum is the Justice card. While she’s not a celebrity to you lot, to me she is. Mum is he one standing there telling you that this will come and bite you in the ass later and to get your shit together.

Hanged man – This card is telling you to hold up on making decisions because you need a different perspective. It’s also telling you that you need to lose to get something greater. How are you willing to sacrifice to get something greater. Think Ryan Reynolds making Green Lantern but then going on to be Deadpool.

Death – This doesn’t mean actual death. This is renewal, reinvention and the end of old ways. Celebrating what was and transformation into something new. This is the Lady Gaga or Madonna of cards.

Temperance – Patience is the name of the game here. It’s about moderation and aligning what’s going on internally and externally. It’s about bringing balance to The Force. Hello Young Skywalker.

Devil – Good God if Charlie Sheen could be any tarot card it would be The Devil. It’s all about addiction of all kinds. Being shackled, chained and bound to things that you could walk away from if you chose. It’s about being hell bent on a particular path and feeling restricted. This also gets a wrap for being the sex card.

Tower – Consider this the Mike Tyson of cards because it’ll bring changes that’ll knock your socks off. It’s the shake down of everything you think you know and ask you to look at how you view everything. The Tower also signals abrupt changes you couldn’t see coming.

Star – have you been doing some internal work? Well this is about letting your inner light shine. Being generous and letting your creative spirit out and the bad things go. It’s new ideas and inspiration. For me it conjures up a picture of the original Star Man himself David Bowie.

Moon – If the sun is the bright confident fun card, then this is the opposite. It’s insecurity and what many spiritual books would call your ‘shadow side’. Its the part of you that’s hidden and that you really don’t want to acknowledge. Perhaps lost and alone. It’s not knowing what to do or how to do it. Oddly enough I’d associate this with Marilyn Munro.

Sun – This card is fun, joyous and full of life. It signals good outcomes and positive things coming your way. It shows self confidence and a bright clear path ahead of you. This card is asking you to grab life by the shoulders and dive on in. It reminds me of Drew Barrymore.

Judgement – this card is about coming through a period of self reflection and examination. Sorta being on the other side of The Hermit. It’s having an Oprah style ‘ah ha moment’ and knowing you need to live life differently. It’s Leonardo Di Caprio going from party king to environmental activist.

World – The beginning and end of things. Your journey is over and it’s time to sit back and enjoy your efforts. It’s about having your hard work and achievements recognised and giving back to our community. It’s about having discovering where you fit in the grand scheme of things. This makes me think of Cher. All the things she’s done, all the tours and albums. Knowing exactly what spot on the music business she occupies and being celebrated for it. The fact she’s still touring in her 70s. She is The World.

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