Reading is what?

We’ve learnt a lot so far. We’ve talked about suits, numbers, and major arcana. Hell we’ve even read one card. Now we’re up to the fun stuff actually reading multiple cards.

This is the bit where I give a disclaimer. Everyone reads cards differently. I read cards as one long story. Some people read with set spreads and placements which is what I will cover in another post right now I’ll show you how to read like a story book. So, let’s look at a spread and we’ll go with the Rider Waite deck because it’s the basic beginners deck.

Let’s go with the ever popular question ‘Does he love me’.

Now let’s look at the cards

3 pentacles reversed – picture wise it’s making plans and group work. Pentacles says it’s family, money or work and 3 means you’re getting your shit together. Reversed though means it’s not going the way you hoped. Maybe things are being held up and too many people are sticking their beak in.

9 wands reversed – picture wise it’s a guy looking over his shoulder a bit suss about all the wands. 9 means you’re looking at goals and on the home stretch. Wands is about words and what you say. Reversed might mean there is a bit of dishonesty and shit talk. Look out for people who want to run you down or speak negativly about you.

Emporer – It’s the Terminator! It’s stability and working through set systems and ways of doing things. It’s being generous and kind. It’s one foot in front of the other soldiering on and getting things done.

5 pentacles reversed – This card is always a doozy. Up the right way up the pictures shows desititution and poverty. It’s being left out in the cold. As a pentacle cared it’s money, family and finances. As a five it’s the squishy bit in the middle where it could all go wrong and get frustrating. Reversed I’d say that there is every chance you’re on the other side of a rough trot and you’re going to feel worn and drained.

Now because I read the cards as a story I see the first one like a beginning and it progressing in a linear fashion until the end card. So, for this read I’d tell you that things aren’t possibly going how he hoped and there are a bunch of people sticking their nose into his business. Too many people throwing him off course. Then I’d also say there was a few people shit talking the relationship  and discussing it when they have no right to. Then I’d move on to say this person in generous and stable, with the way forward to be in a one day as it comes fashion. Perhaps there is one person you’re going to have to really win over in his life to show that this relationship is going to work. Maybe he will be practical about the relationship. However in the end all the opposition will leave you tired and drained after a bit of a rough run.  You’ll have to evaluate if this exhaustion is going to be too  much. Be careful and don’t run yourself into the ground.

Now, by the time someone has reached out for a ‘does he love me’ reading, in my experience they already have an inkling about some of this stuff. They’d already have a feeeling about the shit talk and maybe people putting their 2c in. They possibly know of someone they’re going to have to impress or starting to feel overwhelmed and tired. Normally by this stage you’re only confirming things that people already know and you’re helping them connect the dots. The other thing is that sometimes  I pick up other things as I read and I’m not quite sure how or why and that’s where my intuition kicks in. That normally comes from the pictures kinda like a lock and key (thats a whole other post).  I always also ask at this point ‘Does this make sense to you’. If it does great and I find it’s always a good idea to allow people to ask further questions and clarify things in the cards. Sometimes a pictre of their cards helps too if it’s an online read. It’s also not wrong to draw another card or 2 to clarify peoples questions. However I wouldn’t draw any more than one or two extra cards myself otherwise it’s information overload and venturing into a new reading.

There you have it ladies and gents. You read your first basic tarot card spread. Congratulations!!

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