…I watched Outpost

So a new sci-fi fantasy show popped up on Foxtel and it looked good. Feuds, magical races being and all that good stuff. Outpost looked good.

It’s not though. I can get past low budget  and bad CGI which Outpost has lots of. The characters are all very sterotypical. There’s the spoilt rich girl, the mysterious last of her race and the guard caught between them. Then there is the man thats hunting the last of her race and his soldiers and myserious demons blah blah blah. The thing is that even ‘last of her race’ isn’t even cool in a Danerys Targaryan way. It’s a bit more Mary Sue than that.

I think that’s the whole problem I have with the show. It watches like a bad DnD campaign crossed with someones fanfic. You can see each step miles before it’s coming and there just leaves no room for surprises or suspense. I can’t get sucked into it like I would a hundered other terrible sci fi series. There is nothing to indenify with that makes you want to keep watching. I also think with the plethora of awesome fantasty style shows over the last few years that things like Outpost don’t stand a chance.

All in all terrible, not even a good terrible and I don’t think I’ll continue watching.

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