I offer 3 tarot reading packages to choose from.

Each reading comes with a 4 day turn around e.g. You pay for a reading Monday you’ll get your reading by Thursday. I can’t do quicker than a 4 day turn around as I work and have  family to work around as well.

I also wont start a reading unless I can confirm recieving a payment so if there is a payment description box the name or email your using to identify you will help.

All readings come with an opportunity to email me back and ask for clarification regarding your reading. If something doesn’t make sense say so and I can check it out. This is not an opportunity for a sneaky free read though which happens more often than not.

$10 reading

This is a basic 4 card reading and takes about 30 minutes to do. While it’s the simplest reading that doesn’t mean it’s the least evolved. It’s good for question like what you should know about situations or people. It’s also a good jump off point if you’ve never had a reading and just want to try it out. What you get – a pdf of your reading with pictures and an explanation.


$20 reading

This is a reading of 6-8 cards and takes about 45 minutes. This is good for more in depth questions involving multiple working parts. It’s also good for set card spreads like 3 month future . What you get – a pdf of your reading including pictures with your reading.


$30 reading

These are the longest spreads with more than 8 cards and takes at least an hour. It’s good for the big over view questions for 6 month or more reads into the future. It’s also good for soul purpose spreads. What you get - a pdf including pictures of your tarot spread and it's interpretation.


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