When I’m writing these blog posts the inspiration comes from all over the place. I’d love to say I sat down and meditated or the ideas just flowed from some magical place or I had some sort of special muse but I don’t. I have the topics vaguely mapped out (the one for today just said ‘inspiration’) but the actual writing is a bit of a weird process.

Mostly the posts get written on little bits of paper. I’ll be at work and something will pop into my head so I’ll feed out some till roll and map out the ideas in point form. Sometimes it’ll be the same idea 4 different ways. Sometimes they just pour out of my head in one great big stream. However on any given day if you were to ask me to empty my pockets at work it’d be full of bits of paper stapled together. Then I get up at 5am, read the little scraps of paper and jump on my laptop and tap it out until it looks right.

The actual content part is a bit random too. I’ve pulled Tarot cards as inspiration for posts which can be interesting. Wanting to write about Fathers and you pull 9 of Pentacles. A card about abundance and enjoying things. Sometimes they’re based off conversations and events that have happened. The amount of times I’ve had conversations with my mates and they have ended up starting blog posts is crazy

However the best posts are usually the ones where I spew the entire contents of my heart on the page to work through something. For example the bipolar one that everyone seems to love came from me cracking the shits and being sick of people’s misconceptions about it. The one about having autistic kids, my sons diagnosis or seeing a bunch of specialists all came literally the afternoon after seeing a doctor of some type. The last one I had a doughnut in my hand as I wrote. I just vent my spleen on a page and boom, a good post.

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