Vegemite or jam

So far we’ve made it through the basics of tarot. If you were to go out and buy a deck tomorrow crack it open and shuffle the cards you should be able to read the first card you pull from the top. If your game you can probably read up to 3 in a row.

Now we get to the spreads. I know we haven’t done questions yet so patience young Padawan we’ll get to that soon. For now though we’ll stick to spreads.

The way to look at spreads is how much information you need for what you want to know. I operate 90% of the time with 4 cards which is a twist on the classic past present and future spread. The cards run as you can imagine left to right what’s in your past, what’s in your present and what’s in your future. I like an extra card in the middle of that sequence because there is never just one thing going on at the present. One middle card will act like a past/present transition card and the other is a present/future transition card. Once you read them together integrating all the information bingo! You have your answer. It’s the equivalent of reading a quick blog post or magazine article in your lunch break. Short, quick and easy to digest.

You can also do what’s called a daily card draws which is something I do myself every day. I pull a card for that day as a guide for what’s coming up that day. I normally do mine sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. If it’s going to be a big day or I’m having a week where the universe it fucking with my shit I’ll draw two cards. It’s the equivalent of checking your phones weather app in the morning. This is also a great way to get to know your deck.

Then we get to the longer spreads. Now this is where you have to make a bit of a call about how much information you need and how much energy you want to expend. For me the energy expenditure is a real thing because the longer the spread the more drained I feel afterward. 6 to 8 cards is good for more involved things with lots of moving parts. For example say you’re looking at a new career path that’s going to affect family, a drastic fiancial shift, or where you live. That’s your basic 4 cards plus one card for each area you’re looking at. It’s also a simmilar amount of cards I’d use for looking 3 months ahead. How you set this out is up to you. I tend to do my basic 4 in a line then at the end in a verticle line with each one under card under the other for each area being looked at.

Lastly we have the big mamma jamma spreads of 8 plus card. This is like the classic celtic cross spread you’ve probably seen. It’s got a LOT of working parts all being interpreted  seperatly and together. It’s also the amount of cards I’d pull looking 6 month plus ahead of time.   It’s the equivalent of reading a journal article at uni or a technical article for work. SO. MUCH. INFORMATION. This is a blessing and a curse. Have you tried to do anything knowing too much? It’ll  mess with your head and make you second guess everything as much as having not enough information. To that end if you’ve pulled 4 cards and it’s giving you no joy and makes about as much sense as the entire 50 year plotline of Doctor Who draw another card to clarify anything that’s confusing you.

There are lots of spreads you can try. I do the no spread spread and draw what I think I  need. Other people like to stick to pre determined spreads worked out by other people. Jump on the Googles or Pintrest and have a look. Try some stuff out and see what you like. Write the ones down you like or make up one of your own. If you have a deck this is the bit where you crack out your deck and try one of each length spread. I highly recommend the daily read to start with. Write down the card you pull and then later check it out with how your day went.

Go on scoot. Go read some cards.

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