… I watched Killjoys

So, Killjoys is one of those series that is just cool as hell. The total opposite of The Outpost

Cute bad ass female lead you want too be, a cool tech side kick and his sorta cute brother as well as a back chatting ship. They’re bounty hunters in space getting into all kinds of cool scrapes. Then there is evil sisters, wierd creepy father figures, a baby of sorts and a bunch of green goop that makes evil superheros.

It’s the kind of thing that you wish you were part of. You can see yourself as part of the crew and that’s where the appeal is. It seems familiar but unfamiliar at the same time and you can’t see the twists coming. It’s a little bit Firefly, a little bit Matrix and it’s a little bit Star Wars. Whomever oked this on the SyFy network made a damn good decision!

The best part is 4 seasons in and it’s still not old. You never get sick of seeing Pree be sassy, Johnny crush on Dutch and the sexual tention between Da’v and Dutch. It;s rumored that the 5th season will be it’s last. I’ll be devisated if this is the case and it’ll go into my all time favorite show list next to Firefly, Doctor Who and Black Adder.

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