…I watched American Horror Story

If you’ve known me for any length of time in real life you’d know I hate scary movies. I’ll watch Aliens, the old 80s movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. I however hate things like Saw, Hostel and any of the Paranormal Activity movies. They’re all too gory and realisitic. I didn’t sleep much after watching Silence of the Lambs the first time.

However in my infinite wisdom I decided that I’d like to watch American Horror Story. Sure it’s not the scariest show going about but it’s a step into an area I’m not really comfortable. To that end I chose American Horror Story: Freakshow. I figured it was the shallow end of a shallow pool.  I was right. It was really good and more creepy than gory. Everything interlinks and there are characters that run though the whole season. It’s awesome and by the end of the show I felt sorry for some of them. Also, I didn’t develop a massive fear of clowns either although if you don’t like them, this one isn’t going to help that at all.

I even started to watch American Horror Story: Hotel. Again it’s pretty good and suspensful rather than gory. Lady Gaga is in this one and she’s pretty damn good. Kathy Bates is in this one too but she’s not as good as she was in Freak Show. That’s the thing see it’s not just the characters that reoccur it’s the actors that come back again and agian too. Jessica Lange is ah-maz-ing in Freak Show but she isn’t in it again after that (it’s rumored she’s coming back for the new season AHS: Apocolypse). The special guets are pretty damn good because Stevie Nicks  is in AHS: Coven which is next on the hitlist.

I really want to watch the Aylum season but I’ve been told it’s the scariest/goriest so I’m holding out until I feel a bit more brave. All in all it’s a good series even for someone who isn’t a massive fan of all things scary.

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