Excuse me. I’d like to ass you a few questions.

Now we’re onto the last bit of our learn to read Tarot adventures. We have the cards and spreads under our belt now to the most important bit, the question.

Now you’re probably thinking a question is a question and no big deal. Yes and no. The deal with Tarot is you only get the answer to the question you ask and what you need to know. Ask a broad question you get a broad answer. The more specific the question the more specific the answer. For example if you’re up for a promotion and ask the cards (by cards I mean asking the universal energy, God, Beyonce or  whomever) if you’ll get it. You could get a yes but not get the promotion which could be confusing. If you had phrased the question to ask if you’ll get THIS promotion but you get a no, but there is the possibility for one later on down the track.

The other thing about questions is that of you ask the same question over and over you’ll get a murky answer. For example if you ask if you’re going to hook up with that Tom Hardy barista look alike who makes your latte everyday and you get a no, cool. If you keep asking don’t be surprised if the answers get more blunt and harsher. It’s the cosmic equivalent of  the universe saying “I’ve already told you once open your ears”.

The other thing that can happen is you ask a question and you get an answer that makes no sense. Sometimes if you go into a reading thinking about something else you’ll get an answer to the question you’re actually thinking about thinking which is why it’s important to calm your mind and think about the question you want the answer to.

The card have a habit of telling you what you need to know, not what you want. So, as much as you could want the answer to one question sometimes you get an odd answer because it’s what is more important for you to know. Is this always helpful because if you’re wanting to know about Mr Barista and you get an answer like “get your money shit under control girl” then you will be frustrated as hell. However if you’re a bit all over the place with your cash and it’s pressing then it’s whats more important. I actually read for someone and had this happen. They got angry I didnt answer their question and no matter how many times I ran their spread they got the same answer as the first spread. They conceded that what came through was accurate, correct and more helpful than their actual original question. This is why I preface all readings with I can only tell you what’s in front of me.

When it comes to questions it’s a matter of making sure yo’re clear on what you want and being ready for what you get. Now, you have enough information from this and the last few posts to go read some cards. Go get at it!!

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