….Tag Team Brow Pencil

I am a redhead and as such have NO eyebrows to speak of at all. I have to draw them on and so anytime I find a good brown product I’m all about it.

The other day I was at the chemist getting Hunters medication and I started trolling through the discount make up bin. It’s something I do alot because who doesn’t love a good bargain. Anyway I came across something called Tag Team Brow Pencil by Australis. It looked like a bit of a wax crayon which when it comes to brows I’m a big fan of. I didn’t realise until later it also had a brow gel in the end to get everything under control.

Now I’m not sure what order you’re supposed to go in but I did brow gel then wax pencil. The gel was nice because it got everything together going the right way and helped the crayon part go on easier. The windable wax crayon is the real hero here though. The crayon winds up and down in a fine pencil tip, It’s thin enough that you can line your eyebrows and fill them in easily. It’s literally like drawing with a pencil and is the most idiot proof thing I’ve used. The other thing I like is it’s really hard to draw your eyebrows in too dark with it. You’d have to really really be pushing it on there. The biggest plus is that the shade is light enough for my skin. When you’re fair it can be hard because even the blonde pencils can be too dark.

It retails for about $14 but I got it for $4 and I’m not sure it’s because its the end of a line or whatnot. Either way if I found it again you can bet your butt I’d buy a tonne of them.

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