The Alchemist

The Alchemist  – Paul Coelho

So I was wandering trough the library and I came across tthe graphic novel section. I was browsing through when I came to The Alchemist. Now I know from hearing about it over the years that its supposed to be some sort of self help new age life changing thing. I decided to give it a go because what the hey.

The art wasn’t too bad. The artist had formerly done action comics so it was in a style you’d imagine seeing in Spinderman or Batman. The story itself I didn’t really resonate with. A shepard leaves home in Spain to go across the desert so see the pyramids in Egypt only to come home and find out thats where the greatest treasure has always been. It talks baout following your heart, paying attention to omens and how thius will always steer you right. It also speaks to listening to other voices and cultures other than your own to make sense of your world.

I did try and read this book many years ago as a teenager and I found it overly wordy. I dont think it was my age because at the same age I also read Trainspotting which is written in phonetic Glaswegian. The Alchemist was very verbous as a novel but quote good as a graphic novel. It was short, succinct and quite easy to get through.

Would I recommend it? Possibly not because as easy as it was to read I think therrer might be more to be gained from reading the book. The book is a bit of a hard slog though. It’d be good for getting the over all concept and deciding if you want to read the book.

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