Intention! Intention please. Are we gonna have a problem here?

Since I started reading a lot of new age spiritual books this word comes up all the friggin time. What is your intention? Set your intention. Be clear about your intetnion. Blah blah frikkity blah.

What in the actual fuck is intention? The word itself means to mentally decide on an action or outcome. An attitude toward your purpose of outcome of an action. I first came across it reading Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav where he talks about going into every day with the attitude of how you would like that day to go. I have watched LOTS of Oprahs stuff and she’s always going on about intention. The why of why are you trying to do something or what are you trying to do?

How in the hell does this work in every day life? Have you ever said “I’m going to be more organised and stop living in a shit hole”, bought enough jars, containers and boxes to make Khloe Kardashian jelous and then done nothing? Yeah? This is where the intention bit comes in. Why do you want to get organised? Is it because having a crazy Khloe type biscuit jar would make you feel fabulous and rich? Is it because you feel so out of whack and control in your life this is going to help you feel good? Are you sick of not being able to find stuff? Do you want your house to look nice? Intention could also be called motivation. Without the right motivation those containers are just going to get packed into cupboards or live on your kitchen table untouched. That same motivation will help you time and time again refill those damn biscuits in that exact pattern.

It’s starting with the end in mind. You want to get fit, healthy and have a banging body? Ok what does that mean? Good diet, eating well, sleeping, resting and drinking water. So reverse engineer that shit so you can start well and finish strong. It might mean you have to meal prep, buy a large water bottle and make proper time for working out. Be deliberate in your actions to achieve your goals. It’s also about why you want that goal. Again do you want to be fit and healthy for you, impress your friends or have a revenge body.

When it comes down to it intention is the why behind why you want to do things. Once you have a really clear why everything becomes easier. Like this blog. I figured out that I want to share my messy, unPintrest, Insta perfect life and all the stuff I’m into with everyone so that maybe one other person out there knows they aren’t alone. It’s made creating content (how wanky did that sound) and posting things much easier.

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