Everyone loves a good deck

There are hundreds of tarot decks out there in the world so how do you know which one is the right one for you?

It’s easy to get confused because certain decks become popular and fashionable but when it comes down to it it’s really up to you. You’re the one reading them. I’d always suggest a Rider Waite Smith as your first deck. It’s to most popular deck and it’s the one with all the traditional images you see e.g. the 3 of cups is three women dancing about holding up cups looking like they’re having a party. It’s the images I’ve used for the how to read tarot card post images.

For me the artwork is the most important because I read the pictures before anything. Now there are some beautiful decks out there but make sure you pick one with pictures you like and can identify with. For example heaps of people like the Wild Unknown tarot cards but to me they are too busy and make my brain hurt. I would never buy it because the images would be a pain in the ass to read. I dont connect with it in any way however give me a Fountain tarot deck and it’s a whole other story. There are a wide range of cards now too. Queer cards, african american influenced cards, Asian influenced cards as well as many others (hell I saw a cat tarot deck yesterday) so be patient, have a Google and you will find something you gel with.

I have also found that sometimes decks just fall in your lap. For example my first deck happened to be on sale and literally sitting at eye height when I walked into the shop. The box was bright yellow and just stood out. I can still see it in the back of my mind. I went to a shop to buy my second deck (ironically 10 plus years later at the same damn shop) and I looked at all of them. I picked the one I bought up because I thought it looked fun and it just sort of stuck in my hand. I didn’t want to put it down and just make me feel warm and fuzzy. That’s how I knew it was my deck. Most book shops these days carry tarot or oracle cards (I went into 2 bookshops recently in the same shopping centre and they both had cards). If you’re in the market for a deck have a browse and see what stands out. They even make mini decks incase you want to make them portable or hide them.

Lastly it depends on price. I’m into a bargain and as much as the artwork might be awesome I’m not going to pay $70 for a tarot deck. No way no how not ever. I know to some people that might seem cheap but I don’t believe spiritual/mystical/divine has to equal expensive as hell. It’s also why I said some decks fall into your lap. Sometimes you hit the right place at the right time, everything aligns and you pick up the deck you’re eyeing for the right  price.

So long story short – find something with artwork you like in the price range you like and go for it! Don’t ignore the deck that keeps popping up in your path and if else fails the RWS always has your back.


  1. Ive been looking for a deck. I saw a tattoo one recently & thought it’d be “me”. Turned our it wasnt. I picked it up for all of 5 seconds. It did nothing for me & had nothing to say for itself. It was dead. I left with nothing because none of them wanted to come home with me. Now the CAT deck….that could be me 🙂


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