Kids Bootcamp

Our son isn’t a very outdoorsy active kid. It’s just not his jam and we are often looking for ways to get him outside and interacting with other people. So I saw a sign up at the gym advertising a kids bootcamp class. I thought it’d be something he might be into and sat on it for a week or so. When I asked him if he was into it Hunter said yes and he was raring to go which is something I never thought would happen.

He did one class and was hooked. There was box jumps, battle ropes, running and skipping. Now Hunter is unco-ordinated and can’t skip with a rope but he got in and had a good go (update: he can now skip with a rope!!). The same as the running. He wasn’t great but the instructor let me jump in and do the class with him. By the end of it we were both buggered but had a fantastic time. I’ve even worked up to being able to lift a 150kg tire even with my shot hand.

I also liked it because Hunter met some kids outside of his class. He played red rover cross over and wasn’t as withdrawn as he normally is. Some of the harder climbing and running stuff is still beyond him even 3 – 4 sessions later but he still loves to go and doing the class. He’s even started bragging to people about it which means he really does enjoy himself.

All in all I think it was good for both of us. Hunter is getting out and beng active, I’m outside being active and we’re both doing something together.

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