Just let me reorganise the pantry first

Some days I don’t feel like writing or what happens more than not is I want to write and sometimes none of my bits of paper make sense. So I end up procrastinating. It’s a bugger of a thing because I know I have to write but I end up doing anything else but writing.

Mostly it ends up with me catching up with my TV shows or getting stuck in a YouTube hole watching make up tutorials I will never be able to do with products I dont understand. I also tend to listen to Super Soul  Sunday hoping to be inspired but it doesn’t alway happen. Today I have a bit of writers block and I cant think so I’m literally here doing everything possible so I don’t have to stare at a half written post and hate my brain.

Psychology Today say that perfectionists procrastinate because they don’t want to start a job they wont finish at their percieved standard. Others put off doing things they know they should because of poor self control and how you feel takes place over the goal. Basically Future Casey is making goals that Present Casey has to work on and Present Casey isn’t getting any pay off for the work. Kinda like wanting to look great in that bikini but wanting to eating a bunch of take out because you’re too lazy to cook.

So how in the hell do I stop procrastinating and actually write this post?? Well again psychologist reckon the idea is to move the payoff closer or make the task more manageable. Sure, that sounds great but how does that relate to getting that massive pile of washing done or cleaning my house that looks like a damn warzone? If you decide that you will sit down with a coffee after folding half the washing or tidying the kitchen, then again at the end of epic laundry pile/ before you move on to the next room then BOOM pay off is closer. The other thing you can do is make tidying the house more manageable. Instead of doing the WHOLE house today do 3 rooms today and 3 rooms tomorrow. Get most of the main clutter up and then do all the smaller, easier stuff the next day. Anyone with an ASD kid out there should have lightbulbs going off. These methods are very simmilar to the way you are told to get ASD children to do daily tasks when they really don’t want to. It’s just a matter of finding the right motivator.

It a long weekend here so I have put off doing everything (including finishing this) but dicking about on social media. So, I’m going to make myself a coffee, work out a plan and get this done. Little bits at a time with half an episode of a show as motivation.

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