Online Groups

When you’re staring out with something new if you’re anything like me you look for support. You look for groups of like minded people so you can find out more. In the case of Tarot and all things spiritual or New Age I have found you have to be careful because not all groups are created equal. You need to find your people.

When I started getting back into Tarot I joined a bunch of groups and I quickly found out that ones that were overly airy fairy were not the ones for me. I also found a few general new age style groups weren’t for me either because Tarot readers recieved a bit more flack than say pendulum dowser, mediums or aura readers. I don’t know why but even in these so called spiritual groups I copped a fair bit and I had to prove everything I did. It’s like I wasn’t ‘in touch’ with the universe because I had cards. I ended up finding my home in 2 groups that were run by well known people in the tarot community.

The other thing I found is that some groups aren’t so much full of fellow readers. I mean there are some but some are full of people waiting for the free practise reading threads and asking for reads. I limit any kind of free reading I do now after being burnt (it’ll be a while other post).

So my advice is join well known groups and if you don’t like the vibe, leave. You want to be able to contact people you feel great sharing with because groups are an awesome way to expand your tarot knowledge and learn a bit more.

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