I’m always after a good TV show and one night I saw a  show coming up called Jamestown. It looked very much like Black Sails which I loved to death I became excited.

I wasn’t wrong. From the word go this packs a punch with drama, intrigue and bad ass babes. So, it starts with a group of women who have been bought and shipped to a new community in Virginia. Most of these women have been bought with the idea of marraige and most of the time its to stop them from going to gaol. So these women show up to the community. One we discover is a game playing, social climbing genius who quickly becomes involved in the more important aspects of how the colony is run. Another falls in love with the brother of the guy she’s supposed to marry, and she ends up marying said brother after a bit of nastiness. Then there is my personal favorite the sassy one who’s to be married to the town drunk and coincidentally the publican who narrowly escapes being tried as a witch. Also turns out she’s a kleptomaniac under stress.

The thing I like is that the women in this story aren’t helpless idiots that rely on the menfolk to rescue them. They’re a bit more proactive and devious. They’re taking active steps to secure their own place while working within the ridgid structure of the community. Its exciting and there are a bunch of different plots going at once.

I’m only 5 episodes in and I want more.

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