Sadie the Cleaning Lady

So, you went out and got yourself a deck. You joined a few online groups and found your spot. You’re reading some cards doin your thing and someone asks how people cleanse their cards. You’re there thinking how do people what their what? You mentioned NOTHING about cleaning your cards.

So most people like to cleanse their cards. Basically it’s getting rid of any energetic junk off your cards so they are fresh each reading. It’s not hard to do and there are a couple of ways you can do it.

Easiest way is you can just sit with your cards (you can hold em if it helps) and imagine them surrounded by a little ball of white cleaning light sucking all the crap off the cards and recharging them at the same time. If it helps literally imagine a glowing Dustbuster if you have to but imagine all the crap coming off. You don’t have to sit for hours or anything. A hot minute will do.

If you’re a bit of a crystal bitch you can put some clear quartz or a bit of Amethyst on your deck again for a few minutes. The clear quartz will clean the cards up and the Amethyst will charge it up with the good universal connections. Doesn’t have to be fancy crystal points either. A $3 tumbled stone from Tree of Life will work.

If you’re into incense and smudging, sage and Palo santo are good to clean the cards up. Light the bundle of sage or piece of Palo Santo enough to smoke and wave your cards through the smoke. My personal fave is Palo Santo but it’s up to you. As I’ve said before I’m after a good bargain and if you’re going through the $2 shop and see some sage or white sage incense go nuts and get some (I seriously found my favorite brand I pay good money in a new age shop for at like $5 less in a cheap shop). It’s worked for me. Similarly if you have some smudge spray or happen across some you could use that too.

I try and clean my cards once a week. Sometimes if I do a bit of a messy reading I do it more. I also don’t like other people touching my cards and because of that they don’t need cleaning so much. It’s your call though. Clean them as you see fit. Happy reading!

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