..I made a pav

I might have been a chef in another life but that doesn’t mean I can confidently make everything it just means that I have a better idea than most. It also means with half a recipe I can get through most things. It’s how I make pavlova because my recipe is literally a list of ingredients with no instructions (my sponge recipe is the same) and 2 temperatures.

So the last time I tried to make pav I was a heavily pregant apprentice who was sitting on her own kitchen floor crying because the egg whites kept falling. I was coached through it by a friends head chef which was pretty neat. I think the poor guy took pity on me because I was also trying to do it in the middle of summer too which didn’t help.

Now the hardest part is getting the meringue. For starters if there is anything other than eggwhites in the bowl to start with they wont whip properly. Last time I think my bowl was slightly wet and it did me in. Also heat will effect the whipping because the bubbles aren’t as stable so cold eggs and a cold bowl will help.  So I managed to get my egg whites going, getting the sugar in and its getting all fluffy and then you have to put cornflour and vinegar in to stabilise the whole thing. The vinegar makes the egg protiens stronger and the cornflour is what makes the chewy insides. Now this made me feel sick because I was wary of anything that’s going to make my glossy sugary creation fall. I poured, prayed, and whaddya know it worked.

Party tip – if you want to be a smart ass hold the whipped whites over your head and if it’s done properly it shouldnt fall. Same thing also works with stiffy whipped cream. I do it for shits and giggles but one day it will backfire and I will wear the lot.

I spread the meringue onto a lined greased tray because you dont want all your hard work sticking and make you want to punch yourself in the face. Now I could put it some fancy collared tin to make it look like a shop one or pipe it but I’m not that chick. Especially when  I’m making it at home to see if i still have the skills.  Now with home made pav the cracks and slightly crumbly look is what you’re going for. That’s because you go from high heat to make the crust to a low heat to cook the gooey insides. I also this time decided to take an estra percautionary step and leave  the oven with the door slightly open and off after the cooking process was done to make sure its extra crispy. Kinda like how people do with macarons.

This time best laid plans worked. It came out fine and topped with a little cream and strawberries we were eating pav for days. Nobody cried and nobody died. Pav for all and it was damn tasty.

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