Tarot on the internerds

This week I want to chat about online resources for reading tarot. Now I spoke a week or two ago about joining online groups and finding the right one. Online resources are the same. There are a million out there but it’s just a matter of finding the ones that fit with you.

First up you have e-books on things like iTunes and Google Play. These platforms are for more than just Candy Crush. You can get e versions of your dream book for often times cheaper than a hard copy and more often than not with ‘bonus’ sections.

Then you have various sites but you have to make sure they are reliable. If you’re on the ‘net enough you’ll know what a reliable site looks like. My favorite is biddytarot.com because it’s a one stop shop with articles, podcast links and card meaning links. A few pages have communities attached you can join for a fee. That sort of thing isn’t up my ally and they always have wait lists and I can’t spare the $$ for a membership. If you can though go nuts.

Then there are your various online forums and communities. Again, you have to find the people you gel with and you’re learning from. Many offer free reading swap days (Tarot Readers Academy does) so you have a chance to try our your mad fly tarot skillz.

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