Sometimes I could slap you in your whole face…

As I keep saying life is damn hard and sometimes friggin rough. This year is probably up there with the toughest year I’ve had in many years. Rivers diagnosis, Hunters therapies, Ads being unexplainably long term sick, my hours being cut, family getting ill and crazy bickering it’s enough to drive you around the fucking bend.

A LOT of people have asked how Adam and I are coping with all this stuff. My answer is always ‘we dont have much of a choice not to’. I’m really lucky I have him in my corner because I know not everyone out there had back up. If I fall down or am having a rough run with my shitty feet, arthritis or being exhausted in general I have him picking up the slack. It’s a two way street though when he’s laid up in hospital with bags of iron and fluid I’m here trying  keep everything running as smoothly as possible. It’s always been like that though as long as I can remember with few exceptions.

We work largey on team work. We’ll combine forces sometimes to clean the house. He’ll take 2 rooms, I’ll take 2 rooms and boom done. If one person falls down you pick them up and you keep going.  You jerry rig something and keep rolling. That’s kinda how our life works. This one time I was stuck with my keys in the car ignition (it was a whole saga in the end) and Ads was in a whole other city. We jerried something up over the phone and kept rolling. There was no grinding to a halt because I had appointments to get to and shit to do.

It helps we both have a ridiculous sense of humor. He’ll say something ridiculous to make me laugh. If he’s stuck in hospital I’ll ask him about the grease and oil change is going and he’ll be telling me about all the people he’s annoyed at the hospital. We sing the same stupid TV jingles for no reason. We have wierd but harmless conversations about people. This one time we had a discussion about how I thought one of his doctors looked like Bowie but apparently most people think the likeness is Benedict Cumberbatch. We also fake argue to amuse ourselves and pass the time. He says something (mostly inappropriate), I pretend to be shocked and tell him to stop or why you can’t say that, he replies and it becomes banter. It’s like the Abbott and Costello who’s on first skit but it ends with me saying shit like “there’s something wrong with you” and him laughing. I’m never really surprised at anything that comes out of Adam but it makes things interesting.

Without these things I think this year may have done me in. I have my Mum (she’s seriously the best) and friend. It’s Ads who’s here with me every day doing the stuff and the things. Getting life done with team work and an inapproriate and ridiculous sense of humor.

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