I’ve talked about lots of things Tarot but the one thing I’ve sort of skirted about is the fact I’m an intuitive reader. Mostly because it’s a lot of Woo for some people to handle but I figure if you’re this deep in Tarot Tuesday with me you’re down.

To me intuition is knowing stuff and not knowing how you know. Being able to pick up on certain things with no real facts or information. This is exactly how I read Tarot cards. I read the pictures. What is going on in each picture and how does that relate to what I know about each card with number and suit. Now while all this is going on I get bits and pieces of information that I add to my reading. No idea where from or how but it happens. For example I read for a woman going through a relationship issue. I read the cards in front of me which were spot on but I asked her about a black truck. Buggered if I know why but the idea of black truck came into my head. Turns out the guy she was interested in had a black truck. Now I’ve never met this woman before and somehow I knew that. That to me is intuition.

Is everyone intuitive? To different extents I think they are it just depends if you want to tap in. This naturally leads to the question of how which I think depends on you. To start with you gotta get quiet and tell your brain to calm itself. You could do that by meditating but I don’t. I take a few deep breaths and try and breathe all the junk out of my brain. Like using a blackboard eraser. Then once your brain is quiet trust your gut feelings. Not your brain telling you what to do but what you feel. Start small and with a bit of practice you’ll pick up when you’re on track. Don’t just use your feelings. Sometimes a song will come on at the right time or words will stand out on a page. Pay attention. Not everything is your intuition but sometimes it is.

So, how does this work with Tarot. Say you do a reading for yourself and you want to know if you have a future with that hottie you keep flirting with. If you pull all your cards and they say there is the possibility of a relationship. Yes, you’re excited, however as you look at the cards you’re kinda getting the feeling that it’s a friendship more than a romantic thing. Sure enough you find out that you both have the same love for Harry Potter and are better friends than anything else. That’s how intuition works with tarot. You do the reading and as you go you pick up things as you go. It improves with practise but you have to just trust yourself.

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