Know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em

I came home from work on Friday night and everything had gone to hell. Again. I was in the process of sorting out a bunch of shenanigans, up to my elbows when I decided I’d had enough. I was tired. Physically and mentally tired. I’d had all of my spoonfuls of cement. I’d put my big girl pants on already. I’d pulled my bootstraps up. I was out of everything. I literally could not even.

So I decided to pack it in which is important because sometimes you need to. I don’t mean give up for good. Far from it more like take a break and decompress.

So Saturday I did just that. I put on my comfy pants, hair went into a messy bun and I pottered around the house. Started in our room and slowly moved my way froward one cup of coffee at a time, sorting out the previous days shenanigans as I went. There was no rushing, no stress and I let my brain relax. I think the hardest thing I did all day was cook fish fingers. It was just the thing I needed and that slower pace carried on all weekend.

I think it’s important every now and then to unplug and unwind. You don’t have to leave the house or have a day off to do it either. Put your phone on silent, get something easy for dinner and just go slow. Go for a swim if that’s your thing. Go through your wardrobe and toss out all your old clothes, de-clutter your garage or toss out your old make up. The key is not to go quick, just relax and take your time. It’s effectivly relaxing your brain at the same time you’re doing something else. It’s the concept of moving meditation. I ended the day putting the kids to bed and watching kung fu movies. I was totally relaxed even though I had actually worked my butt off.

I think this is something I should do more regularly.

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