Hair and nail tablets

I’ve got really brittle nails and thin hair. No idea why but I suspect years of punishing the shit out of my hands will explain the nail thing. Anyways I saw some hair andd nail tablets on special at Coles for $10 and I thought I’d give them,  go. The brand is Swisse which have a good reputation as a vitamin company so I wassn’t too dubious about trying them. They also didn’t claim to have any magical properties but it comes across as something to support collagen production, hair and nail growth. The Ingredients listen in order are biotin, silicon, zinc, iron, vitamin C and St Marys Thistle.

Did it work. Heck yes it worked. I actually have natural nails for the first time in my damn life. They arer long flash nails but they’re nails. My hair has grown faster, is shinier and it sheds a hell of a lot less. My pony tail feels thicker too but it’s not like I have big bouncy Jessica Simpson hair.

The downside. I didnt have any major out there side effects but it did make me burp. Big deal you say but the big deal was because I was burping what smelt like rotton eggs. That subsided. Now I also take a panadol, anti inflammatories, my bipolar meds, birth control, fish oil and magnesium tablets. Yeah yeah I know it’s a lot of stuff. Any one of those could have set the reaction off (I’m guessing it’s probs the magnesium to be honest). The fact it subsided is a good thing but I was willing to burp straight methane for a week or so to see if it worked.

I don’t know if I’d try another brand (no this isn’t sponsered I’m not that important) but I would buy it if it came on special again. It did this week ($10 again yay) so there should be a bottle arriving in the next hour or so in the groceries.

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