Seven Ancient Wonders

Seven Ancient Wonders – Matthew Reilly

If you could imagine what it’s like reading the transcript of an action movie this is it. It’s quick moving, engaging, fairly simple to read and doesn’t disappoint. From the word go it’s a rollercoaster.

This is a common theme to a lot of Reillys books. The first one of his books I ever read was called Ice Station. I literally read it in 24 hours. It was addictive and easy to read, Seven Ancient Wonders is no different. There is also the same strong military hero who gets the job done against all odds. The coolest thing is that the hero is Australian which you don’t get a lot in action novels. They’re usually some sort of high level american special forces shenanigan.

It’s the mental equivalent of chewing gum. You’re not supposed to linger too much on theh impossibilities of the action sequences or how in the hell all these highly trained awesome people end up on the one team. You’re ment to disengage and be entertained for a couple of hundred pages. I also don’t think I could read it multiple times either because the thrill factor would be gone and I’m a big believer of reading books over adn over.

If you’re someone who just wants to sit back, relax and put your brain on autopilot this is great. If you’re someone who needs facts and everything to be totallky believeable you’ll struggle.

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