Film Friday – Justice Leauge

Now before I watched this I had heard that the Justice Leauge movie was supposed to be garbage. Me being me and ready to give anything a shot sat down and over 2-3 days watched the movie between work and other stuff because #life

I like the movie even though in some places it was a bit piecy but I think that’s mostly because I haven’t seen any of the new Supermans (Christopher Reeve is the only Superman I know) or Batfleck movies. It also could be because I watched it in chunks. It made several thing really apparent…..

It seems like they hired Jason Momoa because it’s an opportunity to have him shirtless or a form fitting costume a lot. Almost as some sort of altermate to Henry Cavill. I also get the feeling they hired him to be Aquaman because he IS Aquaman the same way Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool. For some parts it didn’t seem like he was acting just showing up being himself (not that I know the dude or anything). This either means he’s an awesome actor or actually was not acting. Now relax I DO know there is an actual Aquaman movie which will explain a lot more and that Aquaman is also part of the Justice Leauge from wayback. This is just my observations.

Batman is a bit of a dick in this. I do not like Batfleck. I have watched all the other Batmans except this version and I’m not sure after this one I want to try. I apologise to my friend Micky and any hardcore Batman fans but it’s true. He also seems lame considering everyone else has some sort of other awesomeness and he’s just filthy rich. When he saves one of the other characters homes he’s like “Yeah I just bought the whole bank” like it’s nothing and he is bragging. I liked Jeremy Irons as Alfred more.

Cyborg is the real hero in this movie because without him large parts of this movie just wouldnt happen. He’s also the one with all the cool tech too. The dude literally jacks himself into Batmans car and computer for Christsssake. If he doesn’t get his own stand alone movie whoever is in charge of making all these comic book movie needs a shot in the ass. I think this would end up on par with any of the franchises for how awesome it could be. I have no knowledge of comic book shenanigans so I’m not sure if that’s even possible in the DC side of things but I’d watch the shit out of it.

All in all it’s a half decent watch. Its a sick day, get the popcorn or watch it while you fold the washing kinda movie.

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