Life Lessons

Since its my birthday on Friday I thought I’d go through some of the things I’ve learnt in the last 12 months considering it’s been a damn big year.


Getting angry helps no one

The thing is when bad shit happens sometimes you get angry. It’s unfair, why you, what did you do to deserve this, great one more thing gone wrong, fuck it all. All very valid feelings you have every right to feel. Perfectly natural and justified to be angry. However being angry gets you no where. It doesn’t get you solutions. It doesn’t fix the situation or help formulate plans. You just sit with a head full of steam stewing. Be angry for a defined amount of time then let it go. Make a plan and keep moving forward. That doesn’t mean don’t feel stuff just don’t let it be the overriding emotion.


Don’t put it off

For Gods sake if you’re sick see someone. If a tooth is broken have it removed. If you have mental health problems get it sorted. Don’t put it off because the longer you do the worse it will be. It could develop into something far worse or it will be harder to deal with later.


Talk to people

If you have questions ask them and especially if they’re professionals. Ask those buggers double it’s how you learn. If you have feelings share them. One of the biggest things that got me through this year is talking to people and sharing how I’m feeling. The other thing is you don’t know who you’re helping by sharing your struggles and feelings.


Rome wasn’t built in a day

Shit takes time and  it wont happen over night. Sometimes when you’ve made a plan you have to wait for each step to fall into place. Two steps forward and one step back and in some cases like the old Ginger Roger quote you’re doing the same thing as everyone else just backwards in heels. Go through the steps, be patient and do the things. Wh.hile it might not be perfect every time sometimes making it through the kessel run in 12 parsecs beforethe payload explodes is just enough.


It’s ok not to be ok.

You dont have to be ok all the time. You don’t have to cope perfectly with everything. It’s ok to have feelings and be upset. It’s not ok to unpack and live in that not ok space to the point you cant function. If the feelings make you not want to function or like you can’t cop talk to people. Get to a doctor and tell them you need help. Take care of your imperfect but wodnerful self.

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