Wait, what have I done….

Im going through the book A Simple Home looking at each area, thinking about simplifying our lives and on second glance its a little daunting.

I’m used to things around here moving at quite a rapid pace that doing a lot of the activities mapped out require time and patience.  Since I have very little ‘free’ time finding the time to do some of these things is a bit of a mind bend. For example one month focuses on dairy and trying to make cheese. Now I’ve made labne but never ricotta or anything and finding the time to try and playing with a recipe seems foreign. That’s the point, trying new things and seeing what works and doesn’t work for us.

I mean I haven’t cooked bread since TAFE and I know it takes time and going through the process of proving, bakng and cooling could possibly kill me. In the time it takes to produce a loaf of bread I could have done a hundered things and made less mess. However it defeats the purpose of why I’m doing this. To slow down and get a bit more simple in what we’re doing.

It’s not like I don’t ahve the skills. I can sew like a bandit, plant, plan, garden and cook I just don’t know why I never thought to combine them in this fashion to run a home. Possibly because I didnt want to be seen as folksy or lame. However as I get a bit older being a bit folksy and lame is something I want to be. I’m tired and I want to move at a bit of a slower pace.

The whole project is going to require a bit of set up and prep which is daunting but I think that’s going to be half the adventure. Not knowing what you’re doing really but going along for the ride anyways.

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