Hocus Pocus

Every man and his dog has seen Hocus Pocus except me. Since it’s considered to be a classic Halloween movie and it’s nearing the end of October I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s old school Disney fun of the 90s. The same era that bought you Babe, Mighty Ducks, Home Alone, Drop Dead Fred and the original Jumanji. If you’re in you’re in your 30s or have older siblings who are you’ll know what I mean. It’s live action, no swearing and it’s all pretty formulaic.

The actresses who play the Sanderson sisters are amazing. Bette freakin Midler for Christ’s sake and considering there is a musical number she knocks it right out of the park. Sarah Jessica Parker is so nice as the ditzy fizzy sister and Kathy Najimy is awesome. It’s a whole bunch of pantomime campy fun.

The costumes and sets are awesome and look more musical than movie. There is a animatronic cat that would have been advanced for the time but not looks clunky. However if you enjoy the movie for the fun suspension of reality it is, you’ll like it. The key is not to try and judge it by the same standards you would the latest Jungle Book remake by Jon Favreau. You just gotta accept it as a snap shot of history.

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