The Moon

To kick off the new and evolved Woo its Tuesday we’re going with something big and bright, the moon.

For as long as there has been people they have had some connection with the moon. For some people it’s connected to feminine energy. Some people it’s about cycles of creativity. For a n00b to moon cycles like me though the only ones I really worry about the two big ones the new moon and the full moon.

The full moon is my favorite. It’s big, bright and good for letting shit go. If it’s no longer serving you and you’re wanting that energy out of your metaphysical hair the full moon is your girl. It’s be a great time to assess your projects, after feedback and see what is and isn’t working for you. That letting go and purging is also why it’s a good to cleanse tarot cards and crystals under the full moon.

New Moon is for setting goals. Refreshing your energy. Think of it as a blank slate for resetting what you’d like to get happening for you. This might mean that you set some goals or start over with stuff that isn’t really working. It’s wiping the chalkboard clean and be ready to start again.

Now how you interact with the moon phases is up to you. I take my tarot cards out onto the back verandah and give them a bit of a spread and shuffle. I don’t take my crystals outside though because knowing me I’d drop them. You meditate and set your intentions and goals for the new moon or reflect on what’s happened up until that point with the full moon.  However you do it the moon can be a great prompt to reset and readjust the different areas of your life.

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