…having a garden

I grew up with my parents and grandparents having fairly sizable gardens so having gardens were not completly unfamiliar. However trying to grow things as an adult I have only had mild success.

First you have to pick the right place for your garden. We built up an existing garden bed which was lucky but you want somewhere that will get sun in the morning but not too much by the afternoon. If we didn’t have an established garden bed I’d plant in pots so I could move everything around if need be to get the plants out of the heat or excessive rain.

As I said we have a set garden bed so it was just a matter of pulling out all the weeds and papers that had blown in there. Then we layered bags of soil, compost and fertiliser and let it sit for a few weeks. You could do the absolute same with pots too and just layer everything in the same fashion. Then half the battle is figuring out what to plant. I think the advice a colleague gave me was spot on “why grow things you can’t use”. His heritage is Thai so he grows about 10 kinds of chilli, all the herbs as well as things like pawpaw and mangos so that he need to make food he loves.

As a reformed plant killer first thing I’d suggest are herbs you use in cooking. Herbs are pretty hardy and can stand a bit of abuse. Right now we have rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano. I’ve grown garlic and shallots in the past too and they hold up well. The next thing I’d suggest are strawberries and tomatoes because they grow pretty well and the tomatoes just need something to climb on. You can buy small trellises/frames but a stick with the vine tied to it as it grows is also a thing. Strawberries are grea because they just take off with little runners that shoot off. I bought my strawberry plant as a little spindly plant at the local farmers markets and it’s now a beast. Bunnings also sell salad bowls with different varieties of lettuce so there is HEAPS of stuff to plant.

Then there is from seed or not from seed. Now seeds are probably cheaper but I’m not good at waiting so I buy seedlings. I just pick them up at Bunnings for $5 or so at the most. I don’t go buying supere expensive seedlings. I also fertilise once a fortnight with a bit of liquid seasol fertiliser and the veggies look great. I try and get out once a week and weed the garden.

Then it’s just a matter of watering them and letting em grow. There is nothing as satisfying as home grown food.

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