Film Friday – Solo

First up what I like about this movie is it isn’t your typical Star Wars movie. There are no Jedi really and it’s a bit more gritty. Sort of like if D20 Star Wars roleplay and Shadowrun had a baby. There are plot twists and you get to see everyone and everything before they are the epic characters you see today.

It’s billed like it’s an origin story for Han, which it is, but it setes the scene for so much more. You see the Han and Chewy origin story which is sweet and you find out Han can actually speak Wookie. Actually you see a fair few of them in this movie as well as a lot of refrences to things you hear about in all the other movies. Hello Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs. Lando Calrisian is played by Donald Glover which is damn near perfect.

It’s also the origin story for the Empire Vs the rebels as you see in it’s current form. You can also see how Han had a hand in it in the beginning. For me the movie adds dimension to thing about the Star Wars movie you already know.

I think the key here is to enjoy it for what it is. If you’re desperately clinging to canon or wanting Jedi, lightsaber fights and familiar actors you probably won’t like this. If you can sit back and accept this is happening in the same general universe and enjoy it for what it is then you will love it. Treat it like a solo (pun intended) stand alone movie I think it’s all sorts of a good time.

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