Battle of the moisturisers

For the last month I’ve been holding a small battle of the moisturisers. Mostly to see which is the better moisturiser I can get my hands on for a relativly cheap price. Now I also use Lush moisturisers but because not everyone has a Lush nearby I’ll do that in a seperate thing.

Nivea Creme moisturister in a tin $5.60 – I’m a little underwhelmed. In doing a bit of research I was finding out that people swear by this as a night cream or even as a knock off to the ever luxurious La Mer moisturiser. I was beyond excited because I have actually touched the La Mer stuff (thanks Stronach) and it’s crazy hydrating so I was really curious. To start with the cream is really firm in the tin and it feels whipped. There is also a wierd wax smell that sort of put me off. It does take a lot of effort to get into  your skin so be prepared to rub. It did take some sting out of the sunburn on my face but I wouldn’t do it every day. It didn’t take the rough bits off my elbows but I smothered my feet in it and wose my work boots all day and my feet are sort of smooth.

Palmers Raw Shea Butter $7.39 – A little goes a long way and even though it’s a thicker formula it sinks in really quickly. It didn’t have a strong scent like a lot of Palmers products do but it did cancel out the coconut body was I was using. My skin felt really smooth and there wasn’t a lot of that white residue that appears when you’re rubbing in moisturiser. I really liked it and it made a difference to my elbows being rough.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion $12.99 – Holy shit this is my favorite. It’s a light formula that sinks in pretty quickly. It totally lives up to it’s claim of hour moisturisation. It straight away took the roughness out of my elbows and that lasted for a good day or 2. It also smelled good. Not like a porridge/oats type smell  but just a nice moisturiser smell. If you’re a bit lazy this will make your skin feel great for 2-3 days.

Palmolive Oil Infusions JoJoba and Citrus $9.99 – This is a super light and pretty hydrating formula. It takes a fair bit to get into your skin and it has a light orange scent but it’s not overwhelming. It didn’t take any of the roughness out of my elbows and had a lot of that white residue as you rub it in to get through. Not my favorite but still better than the Nivea creme.

Hands down winner is the Aveeno though. If I ever ran out of my Lush body moisturiser this would be on my shelf in a heartbeat. So stinkin good.

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