Slightly sceptical

So in getting ready for this simple living challenge I’ve discovered a large portion of it is DIY. Not a surprise really because I expected it but I never expected DIY to the extent of washing powder and cheese. Yeah, cheese.

Now I know I’m a chef and I have skills but never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought of making cheeses. I have made labne which is pretty much hanging yoghurt until the liquid s gone. Its never crossed my mind to make cheese for myself. Also, for all the things I can source I mean where do you even START to find cheese starter bacteria!?

The same sort of awe  goes for washing powder. I mean I know people make it. At no point however have I ever considered making it for myself. I mean how effective can home made washing liquid or powder be? Will it gum up my machine? Also, is it really cost effective compared to what you buy. If I buy Earths Choice wash liquid for say $2.50 for 1L for arguments sake but I make 15L of my own for say $20 (again for arguments sake). Yeah it’s a $1.30 a litre but with my efforts and prep work it’s going to be at least the same amount for the price if not slightly more. Also, is it going to be worth the savings over time if it’s less effective?

Things like muesli and biscuits I can see the benefit in home made. You’re probably saving more in DIY mode. I guess I’m just a little sceptical at this point. I’ll give it a red hot go for the sake of the experiment though.

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