Forbidden Kingdom

I love asian martial arts movies and one day I was scrolling through Foxtel on demand and I came across Forbidden Kingdom. Straight up it grabbed me because it had Jet Li and Jackie Chan so it’s going to be good quality fight scenes. It’s also loosly based on Journey into the West which I have a bit of a soft spot for.

Yeah, this movie didn’t disappoint. It was so very very shiny and very reminiscent of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. If you like bright colourful cinematic things this will be your jam. It’s a total dream. It also follows the Wuxia tradition of being about an everyman (or in this case group) who right wrongs and restore order using martial arts. Think about every movie ever made about an ex cop who’s trying to avenge a dead family member but with more martial arts. Thats the feel except better not that I’m an expert in Asian martial arts films.

The real show piece though is Jackie Chan and Jet Li fighting eachother. It legit like watching ballet but better. So graceful and effortless it’s beautiful to see. Also watching them play good cop bad cop with the training sequences is also very cool. Apparently they found it fun too according to the research I’ve done, and you can tell. When people enjoy their work you can always tell.

I’d recommend it to anyone who is after a good action movie. Part of it are subtitield so as long as you don’t mind reading a bit it’s phenomenal.

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