Hello? Where are you? Posts??

Do you know out of all the posts I wrote every week these Sunday/Monday ones are the hardest to write? I’m not even sure why that is. I think because I originally posted once a week I saved everything up for Sundays or I tried ot say something ‘big’. The other posts I do have a theme and believe it or not makes it much much easier to write. Everything is more mapped out and planned which you would think kills creativity but it doesn’t oddly it makes things a lot easier. You kow where you’re going. Even with 1000 pieces of paper these posts are still hard.

So why not map and plan out these posts. Well I do sort of. I have a topic but nothing too specific and I use this Sunday post as a place where I can post the things that don’t fit anywhere else. I think also too because I’m wankishly trying to say something slightly important I’m putting too much pressure on myself. I’m in the middle of reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and it’s so far about this exact thing. Letting go of being scared and just doing the damn thing. That’s what I’ve tried to do but seemingly this week has just resulted in a bit of a ramble.

You know what though I’m not worried. I figure the more I just write something awesome will happen. I don’t have to sit around tortured and twisting myself up over it. Its like Gilbert says “you can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures.” I get up every morning and I write something and I enjoy . I enjoy planning posts and collecting the stuff to write about. So, even if this blog never becomes massive or I get stuck on posts I’m already successful. I’m writing, being creative and sharing with people.


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